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We are a full-service commercial & residential painting company in the Omaha area. As experienced professionals with over 20 years of doing high quality interior and exterior painting as well as wallpapering, we are well known in the Omaha area and receive a majority of our jobs through word-of-mouth referrals. You can count on Extreme Painting Omaha for superior service at reasonable rates.

We offer a wide range of services from painting and wallpapering to plastering and powerwashing. We combine years of experience with creativity and innovative techniques. The satisfaction of our customers is both our motivation and incentive, and we strive to provide the best possible service. We love happy customers!

Why hire an Omaha painting contractor?

An excellent paint job requires far more than just a brush and bucket. With years of experience, thorough knowledge of processes and materials, and proper equipment, a painting contractor can complete a job more quickly and safely than the average homeowner, and can produce a more striking, attractive result.


Health & Safety


Every year many homeowners are injured in falls because they lack proper ladders safety equipment, or because they do not know how to safely use what they have. In addition, lead paint in old homes, dust from sanding, and strong-smelling paints and solvents can pose health risks to the homeowner. A licensed, experienced painting company has the skills and equipment necessary to complete these tasks safely, without risking any adverse effects to the family or the home.


Spectacular Results


Just as the best person to fly a plane is a pilot and the best person to drill a tooth is a dentist, a painting contractor is the best choice for taking care of your home interior.

  • Surface preparation: An experienced professional will spot potential problem spots and know how to properly prepare them to create a uniform surface. If this is not done, surface flaws will only be highlighted and made more obvious by a new paint job.
  • Correct technique: Professional house painters know how to apply paint in a way that avoids the drips, roller overlap marks, and thin/bare spots that are the common result of inexperienced painting.
  • Superior materials: Painting contractors always have on hand the finest brushes, rollers, drywall-repair equipment, and painting products. Most homeowners, because they will not use them as frequently, purchase budget tools that cannot perform to the same level.

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